El Sonido De La Unidad #Música Cristiana
The Resistance #Rock #Metal
Heart of the Spirit #CCM
The Sound of Unity #Gospel #CCM #Worship
Straight Ministry Heat #Hiphop
Soulful Praise #Gospel
theGOSPEL #Instrumental #Ministries #Hymns
The Zion Train #Culture #Reggae
DANCE120 #Dance #Electronic
Psalm Expressions #Jazz



About Us

Whether you are in your car, browsing on your computer, or are running TheVoyceRadio.com’s app, in the last 60 minutes you probably heard the most unique blend of Christian music to grace the internet radio waves.  In this last hour you may have heard Kirk Franklin, Skillet, MaryMary, Donald Lawrence, Vicki Yoh’e, Michael W.Smith, Shirley Caesar, Fred Hammond, Red, MercyMe and Hillsong. That is right, everything from Kirk Franklin to Skillet to Hillsong, all on your ride to work. This is what TheVoyceRadio.com platforms, “The Sound of Unity”. 

“The Sound of Unity”

What is “The Sound of Unity”?  It is more than just a tag line or a catch phrase, but rather a meaningful definition of what we represent.  Music is separated into many different genres.  These separations have translated into assumed separated categories in the church worship sector.  TheVoyceRadio.com is following a God-given vision that simply states, all worship sounds the same.  We serve ONE Lord; have ONE Faith, ONE Baptism, and And ONE God. Therefore, the sound we make, no matter what genre, has ONE sound.  This is the foundation behind TheVoyceRadio.com, The Sound of Unity.

Listen live to Christian radio. Each station has it's own special blend of genres of music, radio shows and DJs from around the globe.