Freedom Fellowship

 Sundays @ 7PM EST and Mondays @ 7AM EST

The purpose of Freedom Fellowship is to help people become totally free through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this by providing awesome environments where people can love God and love each other and serve the world.

Our process is experienced like a trip to the oceanfront on a beautiful day. First you step to the Boardwalk where you can enjoy the view, take a stroll and be a part of the crowd. Or perhaps you are ready to kick off your flip-flops and get some sand between your toes as you step onto the beach. Here you and some friends will spend some time getting to know one another as you share a day in the sunshine. However, you can't stay on the beach forever. The surf calls you to enjoy some time in the water. The ocean offers limitless possibilities to surfers and those who long for adventure in the deep...

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Freedom Fellowship

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