Ministry Shall Not Destroy My Marriage Radio Show

Every Tuesday @ 1PM EST & Wednesday @ 1AM EST


Bishop Ernest  & Apostle Laequinla Hunter are superlative pastors, flourishing entrepreneurs and noble humanitarians, which founded God’s Anointed Touch Ministries and The Churches of the Beginning in 2002. 


God’s Anointed Touch Ministries is also known as GAT Ministries, where the mission is to lead the people to live spirit-filled lives and compel others to come to Christ. Bishop & Apostle Hunter went on to receive their Doctorate of Divinity degrees from Saint Thomas Christian University in May of 2013.  One of GATM’s greatest testimonies has been the acquisition of 6 acres of land worth 1.4 Million Dollars.  The land was gifted to the ministry by the previous owner free of charge.  The Reformation of The Churches of the Beginning has helped to establish churches in many cities.  They have also penned the best-selling book, Ministry Shall Not Destroy My Marriage, which brings insight and awareness to Satan’s tactics against marriage, and exposes and annihilates his plans while restoring God’s original intent for successful and harmonious marriages and ministries.  Additionally, Bishop and Apostle Hunter are the hosts of the “Ministry Shall Not Destroy My Marriage” TV Broadcast that airs every Saturday at 12 noon EST on  The show is aired in 51 countries and is growing in popularity weekly.


Bishop & Apostle Hunter are the founders of Hunter’s Productions Music and Arts with Bishop Hunter as the CEO.  HP is established to impact the gospel music industry by producing skillful artists and musicians whose careers will be filled with promise, success and longevity. Through the HP Virginia Gospel Showcase & Expo, they are well known throughout the industry having worked with Grammy and Stellar Award nominees and recipients.   HP Music & Arts was also the platform under which Bishop Ernest & Apostle Hunter released their CD “Sounds of the Kingdom”.  This CD is an inspirational collection of life-changing songs of hope, triumph, and restoration.  Since the release on January 24, 2014, “Sounds of the Kingdom” has had an overwhelming demand from those near and far.  The Hunter’s were also featured on the Word Network as well as the Impact Network, and have been honored and received the lifeline award for their outstanding service to the community. Furthermore, Bishop & Apostle Hunter are the Chairperson and Vice Chairman of Community Harvest Outreach, Inc.  Community Harvest offers programs and services to address the needs of populations from low-income families and communities, and presently has fed over 80,000 individuals. 


More than this, Bishop Ernest & Apostle Hunter are visionaries and trailblazers in the Spirit, provoking men and women to fulfill God’s mandate on their lives and live a life of integrity.  They are a power packed couple that believes in the Power of Agreement and together they stand on God’s word in all that they do.

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